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Youth Recreational Aerial

Aerial is for all ages! Our highly trained instructors can help take your child to new heights, both literally and figuratively. The benefits of youth aerial are innumerable: improved agility and coordination, socialization in a welcoming environment, increased self-efficacy, and fostering confidence.

Our youth classes are progressively leveled. Children start in intro classes, where they gain exposure to our most supportive apparatuses, including sling, lyra, and trapeze. As they become more comfortable with foundational skills, they will advance to the class that offers them the most appropriate level of challenge. Our youth silks classes start at age twelve, in accordance with national aerial safety standards.


Whether your child takes recreational classes or joins us on the stage in performance track, we strive to maintain a positive, non-competitive studio environment that respects developmentally appropriate practices for our youngest aerialists. Contact us today to sign your child up for a new adventure.

What to Wear to Your Aerial Class:

Athletic, comfortable clothing is preferred -- no jeans, please! Aerial apparatuses cause a lot of friction against exposed skin. To avoid friction burn, ask your child to wear clothing that covers their knee-pits and midriff. This means that shorts and baggy t-shirts aren't well suited for aerial. Many students also prefer their armpits covered.

Policies and Recommendations:

Coming Soon.

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