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Aerial  Arts

Take your fitness journey to new heights with our aerial arts classes! We offer a wide range of apparatuses in leveled classes to help you meet your aerial goals. Our intro classes start with trapeze, lyra, and sling so that you are supported while you gain strength and comfortability with the apparatuses while close to the ground.


As students gain strength, they're ready to try silks and rope classes. Aerial silks is one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe-inspiring aerial art forms. It is an exciting time for this new aerial style, because it is gaining popularity and continues to explode with new developments.


Aerial training used to be limited to Olympic level gymnasts and circus performers, but now it is being offered to the public recreationally as a fitness program. For those who enjoy the artistic side, we also offer a Performance Track way for those that would like a chance to perform-- it's a great way stay fit while being creative and there are opportunities to work on specialty apparatuses such as the cloud swing, tri-sphere, broken heart trapeze, 6 person trapeze, lollipop lyra, and 10 foot spiral! Several of our prior students have gone on to study in pre-professional/professional aerial programs or perform professionally. Whatever your goals are, our highly-trained instructors will work with you to meet them!

What to Wear to Your Aerial Class:

Aerial apparatuses cause a lot of friction against exposed skin. To avoid friction burn, wear clothing that covers your knee-pits and midriff. Many students also prefer their armpits covered. Aerialists can expect to find themselves upside-down or tightly wrapped in their apparatus. For this reason, tight-fighting clothes are best.

Policies and Recommendations:

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